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Welcome to The Windy Compass, my very own bath and body shop! I create everything by hand in small batches, therefore there will be some color differences in each batch. If you have a question or a special request please do not hesitate to reach out! Thanks for checking us out and I can't wait for you to experience what The Windy Compass has to offer!


Got Milk? 
Everytime I open my freezer I see my frozen breastmilk. And every time I think about making soap with it. 
Often times when you freeze milk it gets a metallic taste to it, Nattie didn't want anything to do with it. And of course I can't just toss it! (It's great for baths too).
But I thought what a great idea, to make soap with it. Something to treasure from such a short sweet time. 
So if you have breastmilk stored in the freezer that you don't know what to do with- call me! I'll make you a custom loaf. It can be as plain or as elaborate as you'd like 💙💜 I have all kinds of colors, fragrances, and essential oils. 
If you are still nursing or pumping and love this idea, shoot me a message and I can get you the number of ounces I need. The ounces can come from numerous feedings so you aren't taking anything away from baby. 
I'm really in love with this idea, and I can feel my heart swell as I write about it. 

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My journey

What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s being able to put my love into everything. That is how The Windy Compass was born. I love helping others and it brings me joy to be able to help you take care of yourself from the inside out! It shouldn't cost a fortune to spoil your mind, body, and soul. And so, I offer the best I can, at a reasonable price. 

The Windy Compass is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique products I have to offer... I am always creating more! So please, take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what smells, designs, and shapes inspire and fuel you as well. Shop on and enjoy!

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Find us in Stores!

Store specific products can now be found at the following locations!

Soaps and Sugar Scrubs at Mainstream Boutique in Dickinson, ND

Soaps and Bath Bombs at Our Salon in Killdeer, ND

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From the Source

These soaps are amazing, and the smells are awesome! You must try her Shampoo bar! You will have super soft hair even without using a conditioner!


I got a little variety pack of soaps. Tonight I tried the sugar scrub and Golden Goat. Ohh my goodness, I loved them! I can't wait to try my other goodies!


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